Better Nature

British artist Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg (born in London in 1982) investigates the relationship between nature and the man-made, exploring how this interconnection changes through advances in design and technology. The resulting artworks tell evocative stories that are at once provocative and ironic.

Trained in architecture and interaction design, she has been especially interested in the emerging technoscience of 'synthetic biology' – the design of living matter. Within this context, Ginsberg has been intrigued by the premise that underpins all approaches to design: the desire to make things 'better'. But what exactly does better mean? Better for whom? And who decides? These questions, which are crucial in times of radical technological and scientific advances, are the basis of 'Better Nature'.

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Better Nature - an interview with Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg 

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Source: Vitra Design Museum - interview Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg

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"Better Nature" - an interview with Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg