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Values for Survival - Video's

In deze collectie vindt u video en audiomateriaal gemaakt in de context van Values for Survival.

Klik op 'meer informatie' om te zien wat u in deze collectie kunt vinden.

Meer informatie

  • Recording of the livestream of the book launch of Cahier 2
  • Video sketch of 'Values for Survival, the Venice Exploratorium', by Steven Elbers.
  • Artichokes, by the participants of the research track Sant'Erasmo 2038 (Venice Exploratorium).
  • Scripts of the Lagoon, by the participants of the research track Scripts of the Lagoon (Venice Exploratorium).
  • Interviews by the curators of the Exploratorium with the participants of various research tracks.
  • Research presentation of the Venice Exploratorium, where participants presented the first results of the various studies.
  • Recording of the Intermediate Exploratorium meeting, where participants share their work in progress.
  • Recording of the Exploratorium Kick-off meeting.
  • Podcast by Het Nieuwe Instituut in which Caroline Nevejan talks about Values for Survival and City Science.

Here you can find more information about Values for Survival.

Afbeelding credits

Header afbeelding: Cahier 2 kleur

Icon afbeelding: Beeld uit: Visual sketch - Steven Elbers