MSc Thesis UvA - Tunneling network's design: A de-scription of Nieuw-West's transit map - bridging the quasi-object with Amsterdam's broader urban assemblages

By Léo Jusiak

The purpose of this thesis is to consider the new transport map that will re-arrange Amsterdam’s transport system in July 22. With the opening of the new underground North/South metro line, transport authorities have decided to re-organize the former transit system following a heavy-rail system that deeply transform the way the city will develop itself. Therefore, my purpose is to explore the very design of this plan, looking at planners’ design practices, so as the institutional process that frames these, to describe the production of the transport map and ideas it carried along. This will bridge with a larger socio-technical analysis considering the geographical displacements of Nieuw-West’s transport infrastructures within the future mobile metropolis to critically look at the way this produce urbanites bodies. In summary, I frame the transport map as a socio-technical object of design that bridges with the new shape of the transit network so as Amsterdam’s broader urban assemblages. I question how this very translation may transform the technical world and urbanites bodies’ practices which produce and continuously negotiate the very character of the city.

Auteur: Léo Jusiak

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