Bikes, incomes, arts

When I think of the future of Amsterdam I imagine:

  • Even more bikes and fewer cars! More streets without car parking. More space on trains for bikes — even bakfietsen — on the big trains. This time with less auto traffic during covid-19 has been really nice. It’s more peaceful to ride; the auto drivers are nicer and more patient. Maybe they are less stressed because there’s less traffic. I love not having scooters in the bike lane. I find scooters and motorcycles unsafe and think they should be discouraged.
  • Cleaner air to breathe (partly from fewer cars!).

  • Insuring people of all incomes can afford to rent or buy property in the city, not just far out on the edge.

There are many more things I love about this city. And I hope that leadership will continue emphasis on the arts, valuing cultural contribution and making all kinds of art accessible, continuing to create a beautiful city.

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