Policy Brief 2: Key Research and Innovation Questions on Engaging Consumers in the Delivery of FOOD 2030

Food system transformation requires major changes in food consumption practices. Consumers could play central roles to stimulate these changes, which needs to be fully recognized. Multi-stakeholder R&I efforts should focus more on the interactions between individual, contextual and policy factors influencing consumption patterns, with specific attention to the dynamic character of food environments. Consumers should be empowered and engaged in decision making, through co-design, co-creation, coimplementation and co-assessment.

Gill, M., den Boer, A.C.L., Kok, K.P.W., Lapperrière, A., Lähteenmäki, L., Damianova,
Z.,Breda, J., Cahill, J., Callenius, C., Caron, P., Gurinovic, M. A., Lang, T., Mango, C., Ryder,
J. Sonnino, R., Verburg G., Westhoek. H., Cesuroglu, T., Regeer, B.J., Broerse, J. E. W.
(2019). Key research and innovation questions on engaging consumers in the delivery of
FOOD 2030. Published by FIT4FOOD2030,

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