Slack channel #03_scenarios / Christopher Roth, 08.06.2020, 10:54

"And here, thinking of Venice, from the The German Ideology: "The 'essence' of the fish is its 'being', water… The 'essence' of the freshwater fish is the water of a river. But the latter ceases to be the 'essence' of the fish and is no longer a suitable medium of existence as soon as the river is made to serve industry, as soon as it is polluted by dyes and other waste products and navigated by steamboats, or as soon as its water is diverted into canals where simple drainage can deprive the fish of its medium of existence." Here Marx and Engels argue that "the uneasiness of a single creature in the world is not a problem only for this particular creature but for the world itself," as Oxana Timofeeva wrote."