Urban agriculture and local food production: feeding our cities future

The objective of the case ‘Agromere’ was to create a process which was to eventually lead to a new residential quarter where agriculture is fully integrated in the city live of Almere. At the same time the goal was to inspire the city counsel and other stakeholders to include urban agriculture in the city development plan (the so called ‘draft Structure vision 2030’).

With a group of stakeholders we designed a virtual suburb where urban agriculture meets
city live in Almere Northeast: ‘Agromere’. We used the DEED framework to structure this process, which
combines stakeholder management and design. Involving all relevant stakeholders, we explored the
possibilities of developing this new suburb for Almere. In cooperation with the stakeholders, a township was designed which integrates living (5,000 inhabitants) and urban agriculture on 250 ha.


Afbeelding credits

Icon afbeelding: Wikimedia Commons - Urban farming