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The Ideal(s) City Project

Monitoring what matters

If you think of an ideal city what ideals come into your mind? In this project, we strife to find a way to decipher ideals of people in the city, in order to see how they can help impact great changes. In this collection, you can find an introduction video and slides that explain more about the project.

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For questions about this programme, contact Lieke Dreijerink, Program Developer Ideal(s) Monitor. 

Involved in this programme:

  • Arnout Sabbe, Program Developer Circularity, AMS Institute
  • Fabio Tejedor, PhD researcher Monitoring Broader Welfare, WUR & AMS Institute
  • Karel van den Berghe, Associate Professor Spatial Planning and Urban Development, TU Delft
  • Felipe Bucci Ancapi, PhD researcher Circular Economy, TU Delft
  • Lukas Beuster, Research Fellow, AMS Institute

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