Vaccine protection and deaths among US veterans during 2021

We report SARS-CoV-2 effectiveness against infection and death by vaccine type in the Veterans Health Administration, covering 2,7% of the U.S. population. From Februari to October 2021, infection declined from 87,9% to 48,1%. This decline was greatest for the Janssen vaccine. Although breakthrough infection increased risked death, vaccination remained protective against death in persons who became infected during the Delta surge. From July to October 2021 vaccine effectiveness against death for age 65 years, was 73% for Janssen, 81,5% for Moderna, and 84,3% for Pfizer-BioNTech; vaccine effectiveness against death was 52,2% for Janssen, 75,5% for Moderna, and 70,1% for Pfizer-BioNTech.

Findings support continued efforts to increase vaccination, booster campaigns, and multiple, additional layers of protection against infection.

Source: B.A. Cohn et al., Science 10.112/science0620 (2021).

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