Podcast: We are Rhythm - Episode 2

Everything & Nothing

This story is about Tera and Simia who lived on a divine island where everything was made out of a vast nothing and ... everything.

It is written by Juan- Carlos Golio (Djee Si). He is an anthropologist, writer and storyteller who searches for new ways to connect art, society and technology. He works and lives in both Curacoa and Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

The illustrations for this story are made by Francis Sling. An artist/graphic designer, who lived in cold Holland for 18 years, but turned back to his island, Curacao, in 2018. The fact that he can now attract people from everywhere to his gallery and leave them with a smile in such a troubled pure gold for him.

To view the artwork that was made for this story, please check out this link.

The story is read by Juan-Carlos Goilo.


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