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Housing crisis

Amsterdam has a major shortage of affordable houses. The waiting lists are too long, house prices too high, houses that become available are shooting up in rent or purchase price and too many Amsterdammers are forced to leave the city because they cannot find a suitable home. The construction of tens of thousands of new and sustainable houses is needed to meet the need for housing. It is not only about building many more houses, but also about the affordability of the Amsterdam housing market. This requires change in the housing market. This is a historically high ambition and this at a time when the role of the government is more limited and that of the market is greater.

In this collection you will find articles about the housing crisis.

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Header image: Fotograaf: Alphons Nieuwenhuis. Nieuwbouw kantoren en woningen Bijlmerdreef, uit Fotobank Gemeente Amsterdam.

Icon image: Appartementen te koop in de Oude Hoogstraat; huizen, woningen, woningmarkt, stadgenoot, fotograaf Edwin van Eis, Beeldbank Amstedam

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