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The new GKA magazine is out, with the theme 'mentoring and coaching'! We are happy to share beautiful examples from the GKA. This involves proven effective interventions, special collaborations and inspiring initiatives. In this edition we discuss HDT: High Dosage Tutoring. An intensive educational intervention in primary and secondary education in which extra attention is paid to students, so that they can show what they have to offer. Each student receives appropriate guidance so that they can optimally use and develop their talents. Each week they receive two to five hours of extra supervision from a tutor, hence the term 'High Dosage'.

In this edition of the magazine we share exactly what HDT entails, how it is used and what the pilots in the Netherlands are yielding in terms of results. The theme is discussed from different perspectives; from policymakers, researchers, school leaders, teachers, students, councilors and parents. For example, Marjolein Moorman (Alderman for Education, Poverty and Integration of the Municipality of Amsterdam) argues why it is worth the investment. Anne Kielman of The Bridge Learning Interventions foundation has put HDT on the map in the Netherlands and explains the effects. In addition, several students and parents have their say.

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