The State of Education 2021

According to the Education Inspectorate, the corona crisis creates a unique opportunity to structurally improve education. Because pupils and students have been delayed due to the corona pandemic, a catch-up has been announced. In the State of Education 2021, the Inspectorate calls on to do more than just make up for the corona arrears: turn the announced repair into a renovation.

Because even before the corona crisis, the Inspectorate repeatedly established that thousands of young people each year run the risk of having to enter society without the minimum necessary skills. If the ambition of the repair is to bring education back to its pre-2020 state, then too many students have not been helped. To ensure that 2021 becomes known as the year of the turnaround, it is necessary that all parties work together in a purposeful and united manner on this task.

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Source: Rapport De Staat van het Onderwijs 2021- Inspectie van het Onderwijs, Ministerie van Onderwijs, Cultuur en Wetenschap

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