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Circular economy - Green Light District

The ambitions of the City of Amsterdam

Amsterdam wants to be and remain a thriving and just city; guarantee a good life for everyone - for all residents and visitors - without harming the natural boundaries of the earth. In combating inequality, we focus on welfare in addition to prosperity. A finite Earth does not have an infinite supply of resources. We must therefore work on the circular economy. Circular measures can contribute to achieving the climate challenge. The city is aware of the impact of its consumption and production within the city limits and also far beyond, elsewhere in the world. The municipality challenges all users of the city to be aware of their personal impact and to actively reduce this impact. In order to realize its ambition, the municipality is committed to a circular and climate neutral city.

The circular city: the municipality of Amsterdam aims to become a circular city and wants to use 50% less primary raw materials by 2030 and be 100% circular by 2050 at the latest.

The projects of Green Light District

Green Light District contributes to the ambitions of the Municipality of Amsterdam by supporting circular and sustainable initiatives by residents and entrepreneurs in the neighbourhood. Below you will find a few examples such as Nature Bar and the sustainable EcoCondom. More circular and sustainable initiatives can be found on the Green Light District site (click on 'more information' for the link).

More information

Link to the ambitions of the City of Amsterdam 'Bouwstenen voor de nieuwe strategie Amsterdam Circulair 2020-2025'

Link to circular projects of Green Light District

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