The foundations of the Nieuwe Kerk Tower in Amsterdam (1645-52)

In 1645, the Amsterdam mayors planned to build a tower onto the Nieuwe Kerk (New Church), which was to become the tallest in the Dutch Republic. Although this structure was never completed, construc- tion started in 1646. The urban location forced the builders to dam the water of the canal, into which the new tower was to be partly built. Thanks to the discovery of detailed data, such as written sources, drawings and wooden models, it is possible to analyze how the tower was planned. Combined with information about foun- dation technology, materials used, the number of people involved in construction, etc., a detailed insight into the construction process has been obtained and the foundation technique – a combination between old fashioned and modern practices – can be analyzed.

Source: van Tussenbroek, G. 2018. The foundations of the Nieuwe Kerk Tower in Amsterdam (1645-52). Heritage Department of the Municipality of Amsterdam & university of Amsterdam, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. 

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