SBAU2021: The Amsterdam approach into building a Resilient City

As participant to the Guest Cities Exhibition of the Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism 2021, the City of Amsterdam contributes to the theme ABOVE/BELOW presenting the "Integral design method for public space".

An integral design method is needed, because Amsterdam is about to undergo a major transition, powered by four major challenges: climate change, energy and digital transition, circular economy and growth of the city.

Below Video2 of ABOVE/BELOW The Amsterdam approach into building a Resilient City, a video installation to inspire and stimulate the audience.

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City of Amsterdam: Sabine Gimbrère, Paco Bunnik, Joyce van den Berg, Hans van der Made, Alessandra Riccetti, Chong Yao

VanLennep design bureau

Guest Cities Exhibition curator: Choon Choi

Image credits

Header image: Integrale Ontwerpmethode Openbare Ruimte - banner