Podcast: We Are Rhythm - Episode 11

Being in Sync

This story is about how people tune to each other and their surroundings. Even when we are not together we can tune to each other in online environments, as was the case many times during the Covid-lockdowns of last year.

This story is written by Satinder Gill who is a research fellow with the Centre for Music and Science at the University of Cambridge. She investigates why the rhythm of our bodies and voices helps us to make sense of each other and be present, and how and why this changes when we use technology.

The illustrations for this story are made by graphic designer Naji el Mir, With over 15 years of experience in the different areas of graphic design and visual communication, Naji today considers himself a visualiser; he translates words and meaning into shapes and forms.

To view the artwork that was made for this story, please check out this link.

The story in this episode is read by Satinder Gill.


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