Podcast: We Are Rhythm - Episode 10

Whirling little girl

This story is about a little girl in North Africa who dances every day to protect her soul from the male oppression she faces in her environment.

The story is written by Kaouthar Darmoni who has almost twenty years of experience with gender and media studies and is also an experienced entrepreneur, and speaker on female leadership and media personality. In recent years, she has also been active as a goddess dance coach, to empower women. Since 2019, she has been director of Atria, a knowledge institute for emancipation and women’s history.

The illustrations for this story are made by Wissam Shawkat, an award-winning Iraqi calligrapher. Though he studied civil engineering, Shawkat dedicated his life and work to calligraphy and graphic design. He is known for a new calligraphic style that he invented and named al-Wissam.

To view the artwork that was made for this story, please check out this link.

The story in this episode is read by Kaouthar Darmoni.


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