MSc Thesis University of Exeter - A reading of the current economic political doctrine as a hurdle to climate change

By Greta Bertozzini

Although the thesis was not taken in a Dutch University, it is extremely relevant for the city of Amsterdam as Amsterdam is planning to enter into the Doughnut. This thesis is for the ones that are interested in answering the following question: What is the root cause of the problems humanity is experiencing? Why do we talk about sustainability since 1987 when the Brundtland Report was published and why has nothing improved but rather worsened?

The thesis explores what is holding us back as a species to create an economy that not only is fair for the people and the environment, but is also smart and efficient in using and sharing resources. The thesis focuses on debunking the current system and offers a new narrative for a new economic system. The objective of the thesis is to discover and unpack what is stopping us from maintaining alive and healthy the planet that supports us and in evolving our species towards a higher level of consciousness. This thesis is therefore key for the city of Amsterdam as it seeks to question the existing economic system and offers Doughnut Economics as an alternative, as the new compass for our economic system.

This dissertation was written as a part of a Bachelor's Thesis in Politics, Philosophy, Economics at the University of Exeter, United Kingdom.

Supervisor: Duncan Russel

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