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WeMakeThe.City Green

What is your contribution to the Green and Healthy City of the Future?

How do residents, organizations and professionals make the busy, densely built-up city greener? And thus more attractive and healthier for humans and animals? We will be working on this issue in the near future. Think, act and join the conversation! There are many interesting activities from a large platform, WeMakeThe.City Green, in the run-up to Floriade Expo 2022 in Almere.

Green makes the city clean, beautiful and healthy again. Floriade in Almere is completely dedicated to this. Together we come up with solutions for major themes, such as the climate, biodiversity and a sustainable economy. Conversations about urban agriculture, more greenery, health and sustainable construction. We need everyone for that. Old and young, resident and entrepreneur, student and pupil, volunteer and expert. Everybody is welcome. For more than a year there will be lectures, debate evenings, workshops, trips, exhibitions and films. To inspire each other and to work together. For the program, go to the WeMakeThe.City Green collection.

The municipality of Amsterdam and Almere, together with Pakhuis de Zwijger and Avanti, are initiators of this metropolitan-wide initiative.

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