Accelerating a sustainable European data economy

Report workshop EU data exchange initiatives

Results of the workshop connecting data exchange initiatives in Europe and identifying key factors for successful growth.

On 7 – 8 November 2019 the European Commission DG CONNECT, the City of Amsterdam
and the Amsterdam Economic Board organized a first workshop connecting data exchange initiatives
in Europe to identify key factors for successful growth, as part of a series of events on data exchange organized by the European Commission in view of future policy and funding activities for
data economy.

The purpose of the event was to:

  1. Learn from each other and to enhance the informal network of data exchange initiatives,
  2. Analyse and discuss common challenges, similarities and differences of data exchange
  3. Develop recommendations for the upcoming policy and funding initiatives of the European
    Commission and Member States, to support data exchange initiatives.

The event focussed on bringing together data exchange coalitions and initiatives, whether researchers or companies, developing a specific data exchange service or solution with crosssectoral relevance and with a decentralized service model.

Member States and business representatives were also invited to make sure the insights of data initiatives were combined with policy insights and applications for industry.

With strong interaction between data exchange initiatives amongst each other and with different levels of policy experts and business representatives, the workshop was productive and emphasized the need and potential for strengthening cooperation between data exchange initiatives to establish effective governance for a fair and open European data market. A presentation and participation by Yvo Volman, Head of Unit Data Policy & Innovation at the European Commission DG CONNECT set out the current European policy framework and included insights from a European perspective on data economy. Caroline Nevejan highlighted the importance of data exchange for cities and regions and for a European approach to data exchange and referred to the Amsterdam Data Exchange as an example of how cities and regions contribute to the development of a future data market.

Source: Accelerating a sustainable European data economy: Report workshop EU data exchange initiatives. 2019. City of Amsterdam, European Commision & Amsterdam Economic Board. 

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