CWI celebrates 75th anniversary

The countdown has started for our 75th anniversary. On 11 February 2021 we celebrate our rich history. But above all, we will look into the future mathematics and computer science. Join this special online event and celebrate with us!

Founded in 1946 as Mathematisch Centrum, our institute has been the birthplace of numerous scientific breakthroughs, and a breeding ground for talented researchers. Its aim was to improve prosperity in the Netherlands by promoting the use of pure and applied mathematics. Another aim was to enhance the Dutch contribution to international scientific culture. Computer Science was later added to the mix, and the centre was duly renamed Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica, or in short CWI.

In 2021, the institute enjoys a strong international reputation as an innovator, connector, and driver in mathematics and computer science. Joining forces with the best and most motivated scientists and organisations in the field, and with unprecedented future possibilities ahead, CWI will continue to expand its work.

During our online celebration on 11 February, we will look back on some of our most remarkable scientific achievements. One of the programme's highlights is an interview with our former director Jos Baeten in which he will reflect on his personal experiences with computers and computing research.

In scientific breakout sessions we will look towards the future: what do our scientists envisage for us in areas like artificial intelligence or quantum computing? How do we deal with data in the future? And to what level of security can you make computers safe?

Please register for this event before 9 February and celebrate with us!

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