New workshop prepares companies for quantum age

QuSoft, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences and Dutch banks launch a new monthly workshop, called General Awareness Quantum Computing. The workshop addresses the need for companies to explore and develop quantum software and new applications.

The workshop is the latest result from a collaboration between the Dutch Payments Association, the Dutch Banking Association and the three major Dutch banks (ABN AMRO, ING and Rabobank) together with QuSoft and the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. The collaboration was founded within the Quantum.Amsterdam innovation hub.

Preparing for the quantum era
The workshop aims to prepare companies for the quantum age by raising the knowledge and awareness about this fascinating technology and by helping identify and validate high-impact use cases. The impact of quantum computers can be immense. A full-scale quantum computer can break RSA-keys that are currently widely used to secure information and transactions. Quantum computers will solve some problems exponentially faster than traditional computers. Although usable full-scale quantum computers are years away, it makes sense to start preparing now for this era. It will take several years to create a sufficient workforce with the right knowledge to deal with this new technology.

Future business relevance
Quantum.Amsterdam offers the workshop General Awareness Quantum Computing every last Friday of each month, starting 27 November, 2020. The three-hour workshop preparing a broad audience for opportunities and threats that quantum technology brings to businesses and organisations. It introduces the participants to the general principles of quantum computing and its applications. The workshop is developed with the general public in mind from all sorts of companies and organizations, also from outside the financial domain. Anyone can attend the workshop without prior knowledge of quantum computing. When completed, participants have an overall understanding of the possibilities and what to expect from quantum computers, with an emphasis on future business relevance.

Massive business potential
“Quantum computing has a massive business potential and comes with security threats”, says workshop leader Marten Teitsma (Professor Quantum Computing at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences). “On the other hand, the field is somewhat hyped, and many myths exist about quantum technology. With this workshop, we hope to contribute to training a workforce that can seize the quantum revolution to the advantage of their organisations.”

General Awareness Quantum Computing is organized every last Friday of the month and can be booked throughout the entire year starting 27 November 2020. For information about the Workshop General Awareness Quantum Computing click here or send an e-mail to

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