Book Launch: Cahier 2 - the livestream

10th December 2020 - 1:15:20 min.

On International Human Rights Day, 10 December 2020, the publication Values for Survival, the Venice Exploratorium: Cahier 2 was launched with an online programme.

Click here to watch back the livestream of the launch of Cahier 2.


Event information:
On International Human Rights Day, 10 December 2020, the publication Values for Survival, the Venice Exploratorium was launched with an online programme.

The publication comprises the outcomes of the 14 research tracks of the Venice Exploratorium, which was held last July and August. During the programme, curators of the Exploratorium Caroline Nevejan (Chief Officer of the City of Amsterdam), Jane da Mosto (We are here Venice) and Huda AbiFarès, responsible for the editorial design of the publication, together with the Exploratorium participants, will talk about the research and reflect on the main question:

"How can intuition and experience be shared between people who do not know each other and cannot meet?"

The presentation is accompanied by video's of participants of the Exploratorium (Scripts of the Lagoon and Sant'Erasmo 2038) and a visual sketch of the Venice Exploratorium by Steven Elbers. Click here to watch there video's.

Values for Survival is the complementary public research programme of Who is We?, the Dutch contribution to the 17th Architecture Biennale in Venice. The programme is commissioned by Het Nieuwe Instituut and orchestrated by the Chief Science Office of the City of Amsterdam.

The Exploratorium was originally intended to take place in Venice during the Biennale. But since the Biennale was postponed, a new format for the Exploratorium had to be developed in which new questions around the nature of collaboration arose. In this process solidarity, again or still, turned out to be crucial. No better moment to talk about the concept of solidarity than exactly seventy-two years after the UN adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

For the Venice Exploratorium, more than 50 artists, scientists, designers and activists mostly from Amsterdam and Venice worked together in teams. They never met before but worked together online, focusing on the social and ecological challenges that Venice and Amsterdam share. During this evening outcomes will be shared but most of all the participants will reflect on how they managed to research together without meeting or knowing each other.

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Header image: Cahier 2 kleur

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