HNI Podcast: Values for Survival & City Science

20th May 2020 - 0:56:05

'Who is We?' Episode #3: Caroline Nevejan talks about Values for Survival and City Science:

In the 3rd episode of the podcast 'Who is We' produced by Het Nieuwe Instituut, Caroline Nevejan talks about the research program Values for Survival, part of the Dutch contribution to the 17th International Architecture Exhibition of La Biennale di Venezia. In this program she introduces City Science, a new way of working in which research, design, and policy work together structurally in the city.

As Amsterdam's Chief Science Officer, she inspires and connects various research programs between city, municipality, universities, and colleges. She initiates and directs research based questions from officials from various boards in the City, and from university researchers in alpha, beta, and gamma sciences. The definition of the research agenda, the formulation of research questions, the design, the methodology, and means of validation and valorization are determined by the integral and accumulative reality of the city. In this way, various partners in Amsterdam are building a sustainable knowledge infrastructure around the major challenges of our time such as equal opportunities, climate adaptation, a healthy living environment, smart mobility and digitization.

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Source: Het Nieuwe Instituut

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