Design and Content Instructions for Cahier 2

This article lists all the specifications to help you design and deliver the pages about your respective research track. Please download the PDF template for visual reference.

Please read the detailed instructions here below.

A. Opening pages of Project (pgs. 4-5 in template)
Design: Cahier designer

Content to be submitted by Project Editor includes
1— Large Project image.
Size (max) : 21.3 cm Wide x 11 cm Height (Preferred size 20 W x 11 H)
Resolution: 300 DPI (Color)
Format: TIFF or JPEG

2— Bios of participants (the larger the group the shorter each bio)
All bios combined should not exceed 400 words.

3— 1 x Portrait photo per team member
Format Portrait: 2.5 cm W x 3.5 cm H
Resolution: 300 DPI (Color)
Format: TIFF or JPEG

B. Project pages designed by each team (pgs. 6-7 in template)
These pages ca contain both text and images that describe and showcase your project.
Links to online material can also be included.

Maximum size of individual page: 19 cm W x 25.5 cm H
This dimension needs to be respected for texts on the page.

Images can follow the above maximum dimension.
They can also extend across a double-page spread (max. Size : 40 cm W x 25.5 H)
They can bleed on both sides and bottom (max. Size: 42.6 cm W x 25.8 cm H)

All images need to be submitted separately, at 300 DPI resolution, in CMYK color or Greyscale, and in TIFF or JPEG formats.

All pages need to be submitted individually (a double-page spreads) as high relation PDFS. Page size should be 21.3 cm x 25.5 cm W (with 3mm bleed and crop marks).

We recommend that you use the following free and neutral fonts.
If you prefer to use a different font, please get in touch so we can discuss your choice.
Here are some recommended links to fonts.
— Font: Open Sans
— Font: Anaheim
— Font: Roboto Mono
— For temporary use of fonts (to rent for limited periods),
you can also use the website

C. Last Methodology/Evaluation pages of Project (pgs. 8-9 in template)
Design: Cahier designer

Content to be submitted by Project Editor includes
1—A diagram of the project methodology
(We recommend that it is in colour)
It can be hand-drawn or made on a computer.
Size (max) horizontal format: 19 cm W x 8 cm
Size (max) vertical format: 6 cm W x 19 cm
Resolution for TIFF or JPEG images: 300 DPI (Color)
For Vector images please submit a high resolution PDF

2—A report on the followed methodology.
Maximum 350 words

3—A listing of methodology and points of contact in numbers
Number of Phone calls (with dates & minutes)
Number of Emails (with dates)
Number of Skype meetings (with dates & minutes)
Exchange of sketches, sound files, animations, written documents: 50
Other: ...

4—Evaluation text from each team member
All texts combined should not exceed 350 words.
The evaluation should describe interesting contact moments

Three Questions to answer in your evaluation:
—Please describe one or two significant moments in this collaboration.
—What did you discover in this project.
—How would use this knowledge in your future work.



Image credits

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