Radical Observation

Radical Observation is a methodology by Solomon/Urbaniahoeve that teaches natural world awareness towards ecosystem stewardship. It is foundational for individuals and groups preparing to ask design questions and reach decisions about their upcoming ecological interventions. The individually performed exercises prepare groups in consolidating their vision. Through regular practice of Radical Observation, individuals come to understand the patterns and rhythms of the ecosystem, experiencing the self as part of it, gradually becoming a knowledgeable steward. Practitioners of Radical Observation exercises assume observation postures for periods of time ranging from 10 minutes, to an hour, to a month, and that incorporate specific perspectives towards the ongoing natural world processes and entropy. Developed over years of teaching, the technique focuses attention on processes occurring over time; i.e. plants growing throughout seasons, plant communities wandering through space, habitats accommodating ever more plant and animal life. So Young Han/WahV will offer practical support and manage Radical Observation in Venice including connecting this initiative with local residents and community groups to ensure its lasting impact.

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    Interview - Radical Observations

    Interview by Caroline Nevejan with the participants of the 'Radical…

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