Integrating Mobility and Urban Development Agendas: a Manifesto

Contemporary urban lifestyles and business practices are increasingly dependent on mobility. At the same time, the negative impacts of mobility on natural and social environments are growing dramatically, as is the public outcry for their reversal. Urban planners are faced with a difficult dilemma: how to rejoin the essential role of mobility in enhancing cities' welfare and well-being with the lack of sustainability of present urban mobility practices? The paper argues that coping with this dilemma requires understanding and managing the deep intertwining of urban mobility, spatial developments, and broader socio-economic and cultural processes, but also coming to terms with the many, irreducible uncertainties of the challenge. It concludes that only a more intensive and critical interaction between different disciplines – at the very least fully integrating transport and spatial planningand between planning science and planning practice can achieve this.

Bertolini, L. (2012). Integrating Mobility and Urban Development Agendas: a Manifesto. disP - The Planning Review 48:1,16-26. DOI:

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