MSc Thesis AMS Institute - Circular Economy Thesis: Designing Circular Cities: Exploring the development of circular economy in cities

Our world is changing rapidly, and people are collectively moving from the countryside to cities. The way we live is putting enormous pressure on our environment. Especially cities will need to adapt to these turbulent times.

Designing Circular Cities research is offering an innovative approach to the development of circular economy in cities. The method combines policy development, design thinking and circular economy and offers policymakers a method (a process really) and tools to start tackling the large challenges they face.

By researching cities that are leading the way in the adoption of circular economy, the author discovered that policymakers have difficulty figuring out how to approach the complicated problems they face. We think design thinking is a great solution to those issues. Our Future-Proofing Method takes policymakers or other city-makers through seven steps that support them (the city experts) in the exploration of their vision of the future, so that they can plan strategically towards that future.

This research was done by Emma Cherim as a MSc Thesis for the Delft University of Technology in cooperation with Accenture the Netherlands.

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